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Creative missions have varied widely. You name it, we've done it. No joke. Zawdie's work has seen clients in sports, entertainment, banking, finance, communications, food & beverage, and tourism sectors. In one most recent unexpected commissioning, ZBV designed key elements of a bank's state-of-the-art ABM's interactive graphic user interface. One of the nation's leading commercial banks, they called it Bank-on-the-go. For Zawdie, it was no problemo.

The journey has included exciting manifestations of design, creativity and entrepreneurship to include projects in architectural design, 3D animation, product labeling and packaging, container design (3D prototyping), set design, film and video production, music post production, audio design, web design, print design for billboards, newspaper ads, posters, t-shirts...and many projects we might hardly even remember.

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Through twenty-two years of activity, intense experiences have taught us that the best kinds of design and creativity are always about understanding people - end users, customers, clients and you - through an extremely rich knowledge-sharing process.

A few of ZBV's most notable clients include:
- Usain Bolt (Web & E-commerce Development)
- National Commercial Bank
- Appleton Jamaica Rum
- Glade Plugins / World Brands
- Office of the Children's Registry
- LIME (Agency 27)
- Digicel Foundation
- Reggae Sumfest
- Soul in the Sun

Simple. Creative. Business.

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Aerial photograph shows Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Photograph taken in 2013 by ZBV during preliminary demo flights for one of ZAWDIE's business projects in the aviation sector.

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