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The ZBV way is to keep it simple. Big visions. Simple teams. Execute. Be bold, fast and creative. Get the job done and done well...and to have clients, projects and income streams that pay well.

As much as possible, we use technology to commute and to collaborate. The whole idea of having a "big office" just for show is unnecessarily stressful and expensive...and pretty much dead to us.

Having agility and flexibility is better.

There are a few core teammembers we do work with when the situation requires. We also have a network of experienced marine and aviation logistics, entertainment production, marketing, investment and finance consulting colleagues on demand, as per the needs of wide range of entrepreneurial ventures.

Rather than wasting money on an expensive, high-maintenance 'office' setup with even ONE more chair than we need, we'd rather save that money and, once-in-a-while, gas up the boat, fill the igloo with ice, Ting, Red Stripe and Appleton, buy a few buckets of fry chicken and go to the beach. That's value for money.

What matters is that ZBV gets the job done. Period. Any new clients want some fry chicken on the beach? Email me. Cheers! TZK.

Team Fry Chicken

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Aerial photograph shows Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Photograph taken in 2013 by ZBV during preliminary demo flights for one of ZAWDIE's business projects in the aviation sector.

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